What is SMOOVE? Why should I use it?

SMOOVE is a Filipino, Smart and Independent Mobile Wallet for In-store Purchases Online Shopping, Mobile recharge, Money transfers, Government Bill payments, Other Bill Payments and much more. Use SMOOVE for a cashless, hassle-free, queueavoiding experience while shopping, dining, travelling and a lot more! Pay Quick, Pay Smart, Pay Safe, Pay Smoove.

Wallet? How does it work?

SMOOVE wallet is a secure online wallet where anyone can store their money and use it for several financial services. SMOOVE wallet balance is the amount in Philippine Peso only that can be managed via different payment methods.

How can I create a Smoove account?

You just have to click on sign up displayed at the top of home page. Next, verify your mobile number and create a password. You will receive a one-time passcode (OTP) information regarding verification on your mobile number.

How can I add money to the wallet?

It's simple! You just need to Login to the Smoove wallet account and click on 'Add Money'. You will be redirected to the 'Payment Options' page. Smoove allows users to add money by cash deposits at Bank, third party retail and financial outlets, Mobile & Net banking and more famously EC Pay etc.

Is there any registration fee?

It's entirely FREE!

Is my account information safe?

All your data is safe. Smoove is fully compliant to the Philippines “Data Privacy Act of 2012”. Please also refer to our “Privacy” guidelines for further information.

How quickly does the top up get to the phone?

It's just a matter of a few seconds! That's why it is the "Smart" approach to mobile payments liberty.

Mobile Recharge or Bill Payment unsuccessful! Where is my money?

Here are some possible reasons:

1. You have just added money to the wallet and have not processed a recharge transaction.

2. There was a delay from the provider’s end

3. Probably, it could be a denomination issue

4. Provider’s connectivity issue due to which the payment was stalled

5. Payment to wallet is not successful and there is no money in wallet

No problem! We are here for you. The money will be refunded to your wallet if the recharge is unsuccessful.

My wallet has money! Now, how can I make recharge or pay bill?

You are just a move away! You can use your wallet balance to Recharge, pay bills by visiting the 'Recharge or Bills' section on the homepage of your Application/Web.

My friend needs a mobile load! Can I use my wallet for recharging a friend’s mobile numbers?

Absolutely, you can purchase mobile load for your friends and family using Smoove wallet.

How long will it take for the bill payment confirmation?

Generally, Instantly! However, it may take longer if there are any delays from the provider’s end.

While purchasing mobile load on Smoove an error. Occurred. Why?

You can face errors if:

1. Entered a wrong mobile connection type or selected a wrong operator/circle or incorrectly entered your bill details.

2. Trying to purchase mobile load with an invalid denomination.

3. The service is currently not available on Smoove.

4. The service is temporarily suspended for any security or convenience reason.

In such a scenario, we suggest you double check the details inputted.

I mistakenly recharged on a wrong number or paid a wrong bill! Can I get my money back?

That's unfortunate! Once successful a transaction cannot be reversed to Smoove wallet. We request you to get in touch with your mobile operator for help or try and connect to the receiver of the recharge to check good faith possibilities.

I got a successful message from the network operator. But I still have not received my load.

Just wait for couple of hours and call the operator if issue is not resolved. Please provide the transaction ID provided to you upon confirmation or from your statement.

I am waiting! How much time will you take to solve my query?

You are our foremost priority! We try to resolve queries at the earliest however sometimes it may take longer.

I have a feedback for you! How can I reach you?

We would love that! You can share your feedback by contacting us at or via our social media platform.

Can I send money to a friend?

Yes, kindly follow the instructions on the Mobile Application, by simply entering the mobile number or scanning the receiver’s QR Code.

How to receive money?

You can request to receive funds into your wallet, however it is onto the sender to send the money or accept the confirmation.

How can I withdraw my funds?

You can withdraw you funds by: using you Smoove ATM card at any Banknet linked ATM in the Philippines or at any of the 1.8 million Visa network ATM’s in over 200 countries worldwide. You can withdraw cash from any Smoove approved merchants such as pawn shops, 7/11 or ECPay outlets, banks or other accredited Smoove partners. You can also transfer your funds to any other Banknet linked bank account.

Why can’t I transfer over PHP 200’000/- to a Smoove Wallet user?

The lowest amount of money which can be sent to users is as low as 1 Peso. Under Banko Sentral Philippines Regulations, the maximum transfer limit per transaction per calendar month for individual users is PHP 200’000 due to the Anti Money Laundering laws and “Know Your Customer” Policy.

What is the lowest/maximum amount of money I can pay/purchase?

The lowest amount of money you can pay or buy something from is as low as 1 Peso. However, you may incur with a fee charged as “Convenience Fee” as per our Terms & Conditions. The maximum you can pay/purchase or transfer is the total positive balance on your Smoove account.

Is it necessary to add money to the wallet?

It is not necessary to add money to your wallet to open a Smoove account. However you need to add money to your account is you wish to make purchases or transfer funds.

How can I check my wallet balance and statements?

Just click on the top right icon displaying a “Wallet” from the home screen Smoove Application.

Is it secure to make a payment on Smoove?

It's absolutely secure! All the transactions are executed safely and no personal information regarding your payment is ever accessible to any employee or third party.

I want to send money to a Bank Account! How much time it will take?

Click on Bank Transfer from the home screen of the Smoove Application and you will view the list of all the banks we support to transfer your funds. Bank transfer requests are usually completed at the latest by the next working day.

Some error prompted while I was making a payment/transfer/financial wallet?

Due to technical issues or insufficient wallet balances, sometimes you may get an error. Please retry if you are attempting to make a payment or transfer with sufficient wallet balance.

I want to create a new pin or passcode! Can I do that?

After you log in, hover over your cursor on the profile icon, form the top right of the home screen. Select ‘Change my passcode’, enter your new one and its done!

Forgot my passcode! What next?

Failed to enter the correct passcode? Enter your mobile number which was entered at time of registration. There you go! Create a new passcode now.

I want to change the registered email address! Is it possible?

Yes, visit your profile from the application home screen and simply change your email address by verifying your change in an email received to you by us.

How can I change my primary number? What is OTP?

After successful login, visit your profile and simply follow the instructions. OTP is “one time passcode” a 4 digit number sent to you phone by SMS.

Closing your account?

Unfortunately! You are unable to permanently close your account with Smoove however, you can stop using our services and delete the Application.

Account/Wallet balance did not update on adding or receiving money?

Please provide us with the following details from “Customer service >> Contact us” and will resolve this matter for you immediately.

a) Transaction ID from third party

b) Amount

c) Phone Number

d) Any other relevant information