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Use the Smoove all-in-one wallet to access services, manage payments and grow wealth on the go, anytime and anywhere, all without the need of a bank account.


The Smoove Ecosystem comprises a revolutionary decentralized Commodity Exchange along with advanced financial technology focused specifically on empowering the people by restructuring the food value chain in developing economies.


No bank account needed

No bank account, set-up costs or minimum deposits are required to use the Smoove wallet.

Accessible 24/7

No more travelling, no more endless lines. Easy process at your finger tips. Instant and seemless execution. Wherever and whenever you want.

Get your own Smoove VISA ATM Card

Order your VISA card and shop globally online, in-store and withdraw funds from any ATM around the world using your Smoove wallet.

Mobile access 24/7/365

Your phone is all you need. It is the gateway to financial freedom. Use it to send money to friends and family, pay bills or buy load.


Stay safe by managing your money digitally and say goodbye to cash.


Apply for a salary loan from your employer directly from within the Smoove wallet.


Buy mobile load
Loyalty programs
Cashless digital payments
Pay bills
Commodity Trading
Vouchers and coupons
Salary and pay roll
Receive and pay loans
Send/receive money in real time

Smoove Commodity Exchange

Buying and selling agricultural produce

Smoove Commodity Exchange

Buying and selling agricultural produce

A revolutionary digital tool in the fight against the exploitation of smallholding farmers and food insecurity in developing economies.

A decentralized commodity exchange that eliminates exploitative intermediaries from agricultural trade by facilitating direct trade between producers and buyers.

Immediate impact of the exchange:

  • The string of middlemen that drives the farmer’s profit margins below sustainable levels is eliminated from the supply chain.
  • Price transparency and liquidity are provided to buyers and sellers making it possible to both establish and trade at true market value.
  • Sharp practice and price gouging are mitigated.
  • Payments are streamlined, securitized and simplified.
  • Market access allows farmers to manage productivity in line with demand, thereby mitigating loss and wastage.

Loan Management System and Payroll Services

Smoove provides a free, flexible and convenient Loan Management System and Payroll Services to cooperatives, SME’s and local government authorities. This allows them to offer and manage self-financed loans digitally to their members or employees.

The Loan Management System is simple and easy to use for employees or cooperative members to apply for salary advance or consumer loans directly from their Smoove wallet.

The integrated Payroll Services platform is straightforward and transparent. It eliminates costly bank charges and greatly improves speed and efficiency. Smoove provides a tailor-made dashboard for the payment process to be managed real-time at the employer’s discretion.

SMVE Token

The SMVE token is a utility, payment and governance token, created and managed by Smoove and issued on the BNB Chain. SMVE will be issued as a BEP20 token on the BNB Chain network. The SMVE token will be foundational in unlocking the full potential of the Commodity Exchange and the Smoove wallet’s financial services.

Smoove ’s financial services are facilitated by the SMVE Token. Remittance, Commodity Exchange fees, payments, loans and payroll systems will be supported and augmented by the power of the SMVE Token, which can be converted to local currency as and when required.

About us

Smoove is a Philippines based digital financial services provider. Our team is a set of passionate people with good pedigree and years of professional experience behind them. We operate at the intersection of technology and finance with a focus on building a world-class user experience.

At Smoove we believe that everybody deserves access to affordable, safe and fast financial services and the opportunity to benefit from the fruits of their labor. The Smoove Commodity Exchange will unlock this potential helping individuals, small businesses, farmers and food producers nationwide.

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