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Smoove is a Philippines based digital financial services provider. It is our belief that everybody deserves access to cheap, safe and fast financial services. We are building the next generation financial services technology to unlock the value of individuals, small businesses and communities, empowering a new generation with financial freedom and choice.

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You don’t need a bank account to use the smoove wallet. benefit from all offers, cashbacks, loans and smarter payments. No set up costs and no minimum deposit.

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SMOOVE Commodity Exchange (SMOOVE EX)

connects agricultural producers directly with retailers and consumers! SMOOVE EX is easy to use, safe, clear and transparent

SMOOVE EX is a virtual marketplace for agricultural producers

It is safe, transparent and easy to use

It allows agricultural producers to benefit from the full value of their labour

SMOOVE EX leads to lower prices for end consumers, so they can afford a much wider choice and quality of produces

It also helps to ensure that all produces are consumed and not wasted, reducing the food shortage pressures that are becoming all too evident in the Philippines

Sellers can easily offer their goods and buyers can express an interest to purchase these goods

SMOOVE EX is extremely flexible and where there is demand, it can create new marketplaces for any product regardless of volumes

Buyers can also advertise for products using the same criteria

The unique Smoove cash clearing and delivery system ensures seamless, safe and transparent trading

SMOOVE will be working hand in hand with Cooperatives and Producers across the Philippines

It is time that local producers can benefit from the national market selling directly to consumers, retailers and wholesalers. Too much value is lost in distribution and intermediation.

Produce that is priced fairly will sell allowing producers to increase their production and revenues.

At a time when the population increases and food production decreases, it is even more important to find ways to ensure food security.

To ensure food security for the Philippines people it is imperative that local food production increases. This requires an attractive and fair marketplace for producers and consumers

SMOOVE EX will dramatically improve the financial situation of farmers attracting young people to an industry which is rewarding and Philippines.

Loan Management system and Pay Roll

SMOOVE provides a free, flexible and convenient loan management system and pay-roll service

SMOOVE provides employers and cooperatives with a free integrated loan management system which allows them to offer and manage digitally either self-financed loans to their members/employees or SMOOVE-financed and managed loans to their members/employees

SMOOVE offers a free integrated pay-roll service that cuts out costly bank charges and greatly improves speed and efficiency

SMOOVE provides a tailor-made dashboard for this payment process to be managed at the customer’s discretion

SMOOVE makes it very easy to give out loans

The SMOOVE lending platform provides a simple and easy means for employees or members to apply for consumer loans

Once the customer’s employer or cooperative is registered, the SMOOVE customer applies for a loan directly from their e-wallet

Financial services companies can use SMOOVE to disburse and receive loan payments

SMOOVE makes pay-roll easy, cost-efficient and convenient

Employers, Cooperatives and Associations can conveniently use the SMOOVE e-wallet for pay-roll

After opening a corporate SMOOVE e-wallet account, they can pay the salaries to their employees/members via free e-wallet to e-wallet transactions

This is very easy and transparent, applied in real time and all managed from their SMOOVE dashboard

All funds in SMOOVE e-wallets are held in a safe and secure master account at CTBC bank

Download the SMOOVE app and send money to your friends and family in your mobile contact easily using our app, the money goes instantly into recipients accounts and if they don’t have one they can open one for free. You can also shop in store and online at thousands of merchant outlets and keep track of your payments wherever you are

Digital Payments

SMOOVE is a cashless digital payments platform allowing consumers to make digital transactions at retailers and online payments via the SMOOVE App seamlessly - SMOOVE caters to the rural market where financial inclusion is low and where almost all transactions are in cash

SMOOVE e-wallet customers are able to make digital payments for goods and services in affiliated retail outlets and services. This essentially replaces cash transactions and will be carried in stores and at merchants using QR codes or connection to POS terminals

Businesses can use SMOOVE as a payment acceptance portal replacing cash such as retailers, transport companies, market traders etc. SMOOVE even offers loyalty programs for employers and store customers.

SMOOVE helps in times of Covid-19

As many Filipinos shop for supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic, concerns have circulated about whether handpick cash could contribute to the spread of the virus. Some outlets reported that you should use contactless payment methods such as SMOOVE instead of paper or coin money

Cash is notoriously covered in germs; studies suggest that paper bills can contain bacteria and viruses, plus lead to the spread of disease. The lifespan of various bills ranges four to 15 years, according to the US Federal Reserve meaning your bills have a lot of time to accumulate germs.

As a result, many Public health experts are recommending that the public avoid handling cash entirely and instead pay for goods and services with credit cards or contactless modes of payment when possible.


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